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About Academy of Sustainability

Launched in 2010, the BEEAH Academy of Sustainability (AOS) is a one-of-a-kind, bilingual environmental education programme. Through online & offline learning platforms, the Academy reaches a network of hundreds of thousands of school students, university students, thousands of teachers, hundreds of schools, and professionals across the UAE. Open to individuals of all ages, the AOS uses highly informative and interactive activities to educate, create awareness, nurture sustainable behaviours, and inspire environmental advocacy. AOS utilizes a variety of learning resources like lesson plans for teachers, workshops at schools, universities & organizations, and nation-wide environmental competitions to raise a new generation of environmental ambassadors and a legacy of sustainable living. 

13+ Years Of Experiences

13+ Years Of Experiences 13+ Years Of Experiences

When Were We Founded?

BEEAH Education is a subsidiary of the BEEAH Group, an international holding company with businesses in future-critical industries. Founded in 2010, BEEAH Education promotes and supports environmental education and corporate social responsibility initiatives in schools, universities, communities, and corporate entities.

In addition to the Future Pioneers Award By BEEAH, BEEAH Education’s programmes for community incentivization, environmental education, and professional development empower thousands of people, communities, and businesses to shape a sustainable future.

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Notable Milestones of BEEAH Education

Our Success Story

 From our beginnings in Sharjah, BEEAH Education has rapidly grown to become a pioneer in environmental education in the UAE. Our portfolio has expanded across the years, from schools to universities, corporate organizations, government bodies, and professionals. In addition to our coveted educational sessions, our nationwide competitions such as the Future Pioneers Award (FPA), and The Great Battery Challenge (TGBC) are inspiring a new generation of sustainability ambassadors. Here’s a quick run-through of some of our most remarkable milestones.

Our Success Story