BEEAH Group launches BEEAH Education to drive sustainable action through education, professional training and awareness programs
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Jan 20, 2023

BEEAH Group launches BEEAH Education to drive sustainable action through education, professional training and awareness programs

Sharjah, UAE (16 January 2023): BEEAH Group, the region’s leading sustainability pioneer, officially launched BEEAH Education to consolidate its several programs that are driven to raise awareness and engage people and institutions in shaping a sustainable future. Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of BEEAH Group and Hind Al Huwaidi, Managing Director of BEEAH Education, joined partners and colleagues to commemorate the occasion at BEEAH Group’s stand for Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2023.

As a new business vertical, BEEAH Education will continue to lead several environmental awareness, education and awarding programs for the Group. Its rebranded and enhanced programs include the Academy of Sustainability, formerly the Bee’ah School of Environment and the Future Pioneers Awards by BEEAH, formerly the Environmental Excellence School Award (EESA). BEEAH Education will also lead the Institute of Environmental Management and Sustainability (IEMS) Academy, a training and certification institution for professional and vocational courses that prepare individuals for careers in sustainability. With its several programs consolidated under its vertical, BEEAH Education aims to further empower individuals, organisations and students at schools and universities to make a sustainable impact now and in the future.

Speaking on the development, Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of BEEAH Group, said: “Over the years, our Group has developed the overarching strategy, technical knowhow and intelligence on achieving sustainable operations, both within BEEAH Group and for our clients and partners. As its own vertical, BEEAH Education will play an important role for our Group in sharing our expertise and innovations, particularly within the UAE and the Middle East, and contribute to the national and regional knowledge economies.”

At the grassroots level, BEEAH Education’s Academy of Sustainability (previously the BEEAH School of Environment) engages over 700 schools, hundreds of teachers and thousands of students every year to incorporate environmental education into school curricula and hold competitions to drive sustainable action among the youth and their communities. At the organisational level, the IEMS Academy has trained and certified hundreds of individuals for fulfilling careers in sustainability. The  Future Pioneers Awards by BEEAH (previously EESA) has awarded several schools, students, and  teachers over the years and is now expanding its scope to highlight the accomplishments of professionals and companies.

Highlighting the importance of new ideas and innovations, the Group CEO of BEEAH Group added: “Through the Future Pioneers Awards by BEEAH, BEEAH Education will help highlight new firsts and accomplishments of the several students, teachers, schools, professionals, organisations and entities that share in our spirit to innovate for a sustainable future. The goal of the award is to widen the understanding of how ground-breaking solutions can help achieve a sustainable future for all.”

BEEAH Education is the latest business to be launched under the diversified holding structure BEEAH Group adopted in January last year. After it was founded in 2007, the Group established itself as the region’s only end-to-end integrated waste management pioneer. While building on these capabilities, the Group began expanding to innovate in industries that are critical to a sustainable future, from specialised material recovery to clean energy, environmental consulting, training and development as well as green mobility. The new BEEAH Education vertical will consolidate efforts in training, development, raising awareness and awarding sustainable action, from the grassroots level among schools and communities to large organisations and entities.

Hind Al Huwaidi, Managing Director of BEEAH Education, said, “By introducing concepts of sustainability, incentivising sustainable action, training professionals and preparing the next generation of ambassadors for sustainability, BEEAH Education is helping create a better tomorrow for all. Following the Group’s holistic approach, BEEAH Education will look at environmental education as a whole, including to raise awareness and deploy training programs for sustainability, as well as offer awards to the individuals and organisations taking environmental action. Our ecosystem of programs will help address the need of awareness and knowledge in the area of sustainability from homes to communities and classrooms to workplaces.”

In 2023, BEEAH Education will also host the 4th Edition of The Great Battery Challenge as an initiative of the Academy of Sustainability. The Great Battery Challenge, in partnership with Duracell, engages schools and students in collecting used batteries. The competition inculcates the habit of proper disposal of batteries, while encouraging contributions to the circular economy. The schools that collect the most used batteries receive an award and last year’s competition saw the collection of 2,000 kilograms of used batteries.

BEEAH Education is also in charge of internal training and development across the Group’s UAE, KSA and Egypt offices, highlighting the importance of leading by example as an organisation. “BEEAH Group aims to pioneer sustainability, and to do so, we are always looking to improve our own framework to enhance competencies, foster innovation and keep up with best practices for businesses across industries,” the BEEAH Education Managing Director added. Recently, BEEAH Education recently launched the BEEAH Get Together initiative, which aims to create an environment where employees can learn, exchange knowledge, collaborate and grow together in the pursuit of excellence.

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